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Presentations, media and other events

In this section we showcase opinion articles, events and talks where our network of alumni have been involved in after graduation:

ENVI-met World Tour 2022 Improving thermal comfort in the urban fabric of LimaThis study, undertaken by alumnus Carol Torres Limache as part of the ENVI-met World Tour 2022, examines ways thermal comfort could be improved in Lima, Peru. Carol applied her microclimate analysis skills developed in MUrCS. She used the simulation software ENVI-met to develop knowledge about how a dense arid city like Lima can improve pedestrian thermal comfort, by using strategic shade, ventilation and vegetation within an informal urban context.

Deutsche Welle (DW) Indonesia: Tracing the Green Infrastructure of the World’s Major Cities for Urban Heat Island Mitigation, in this interview/article, Alumnus Hanna Stepani discusses her research topic, based on the Indonesian Capital, where 30% of green space is required as a building guideline in some areas. Is this enough to tackle UHI? Hanna comments on her approach and also gave insights as an Erasmus+ Scholar living between Finland and Scotland.

BBVA (Open Innovation) Spain: How listening to society helps the success of your company, the article compiles a set of interviews with specialists in different areas, where Alumnus Carlos Soto Nieto gave his perspective on how collaborative approaches transcend urban planning, as to the business/private sector also needs to work closely with communities in order to pursue sustainability.

III Foro Ciudades ¿Cómo Vamos? (Cities, how are we doing?), Perú: The relevance of green infrastructure for urban heat island mitigation in the arid context of metropolitan lima. In this presentation delivered in Spanish (Summary in English available here), Alumnus Carol Torres Limache describes how different scenarios with changes in materials of surfaces present conditions that can improve or affect the microclimate at the neighbourhood scale.