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MUrCS Proceedings

The European Master programme in Urban Climate and Sustainability (MUrCS) project (www.murcs.eu) is pleased to bring out this “summary for practitioners” publications arising from the students’ thesis work. Rapid anthropogenic climate change in an increasingly urbanised world urgently requires new professionals with a scientific understanding of urban climate and ability to work within the planning system to manage and lead sustainable change. In these series we highlight the fruition of our approach to these ‘new professionals’ by integrating the three thematic streams of MUrCS, namely; Science, Planning, and Management.

Vol II (2021)

Two key themes are highlighted in the present volume. On the one hand, approaches to climate change adaptation in different urban contexts and addressing different hydro-meteorological risks is a key strand of work reported in the present volume. On the other, the specific issue of urban heat island / urban overheating mitigation continues to play a dominant role in the research activities of our students. There are additional cross-cutting work that straddle the two as well as expand the MUrCS approach into new areas.

Vol I (2020)

The theses topics in this first edition are mainly within 5 areas, namely Urban Heat Island (UHI) mitigation and adaptation, green infrastructure in urban areas, applied circular economy, ecosystem services, and behavioural changes.

We invite you to have a read and let us know your thoughts. Click on the image and download the PDF file directly from the Theseus Platform.

We hope these outputs provide evidence for the successful embedding of the MUrCS approach to creating ‘new professionals.’ Given the policy and practice relevance of several of these papers, we further hope practitioners may find actionable knowledge even as we contribute to the creation of international urban thinkers able to understand, manage and lead transformative change to address urban climate change in a sustainable manner.